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Cannon Movie Tales
Beauty and the Beast
Emperor's New Clothes
The Frog Prince
Hansel and Gretel
Puss in Boots
Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

Welcome to my web site, dedicated to Cannon Movie Tales!

This is my site dedicated to both Cannon Movie Tales. All of the items on my website are taken from my own personal collection. I have been a fan of these two wonderful children's series since I was really little, and I hope some of you can also still remember them.

To visit a site dedicated to one of the Cannon Movie Tales, please click on one of the links below and you will be magically transported to that page.

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Beauty and the Beast            The Emperor's New Clothes          The Frog Prince





       Hansel and Gretel                    Puss in Boots                   Red Riding Hood





              Rumpelstiltskin                      Sleeping Beauty                      Snow White




These movietales have been my favorites since I was little, and I was so dissapointed to see so little of them available on the web. So here I hope to publish all of the things I can find on them, some sounds from the musical numbers, and any facts I know.
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****This site is back up, but still under major construction.  Please be patient!****